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About PM Skillset

PM Skillset is an initiative aimed at socializing product concepts, helping aspirants to enter into product roles, and pursuing excellence in their product journey by providing guidance, mental models, tools, tricks, and services that can be readily used in their job. Its purpose will be fulfilled if it can:

  • Help you become a better problem solver and structured thinker 
  • Assist you in your entrepreneurial journey by introducing more methods into madness, making you aware of blind spots and preparing you for the future
  • Help you land a role in product management
  • Help you grow as a better product manager

The long term vision is to develop a “holistic ecosystem for digital products” – enabling every product enthusiasts and aspirants to learn A-Z in the making of successful digital product and grow to become product leaders serving billion consumers with their amazing products.

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs & Founders who need some guidance in transforming their idea into a successful product
  • Product role aspirants
  • Product managers looking for insights, resources and content that could help them ace their role
  • Tech & Non-tech folks who would want to shift into product roles

What you can expect?

  • Tool kits, Templates & Tips that can come in handy in your role and in your journey of building awesome product
  • Reflections & mental models that could help develop the right product mindset and,
  • Interview preparation resources and solved FAQs that could help aspirants to venture into product roles

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